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Founded on traditional flamenco folk music and dance, its essence gets transformed into a new original variation without forgetting its roots. A little walk through the main flamenco styles where guitar, singing, dance and percussion coordinate spontaneously together with sensitiveness, humour, complicity and a pinch of cheekiness.

Cheekyrrikis -Flamenko Power- is a fresh twist in the typical flamenco genre. They create a magical, intimate and special atmosphere -uplifting, funny, moving and highly entertaining. 

Our FLAMENCO DANCE COURSE: Pataitas in July is back!!! 

As per every year "PATAITAS IN JULY" is back !!!
Leith Community Centre is opening the "Trinity Room" for a new block of technique classes...
Please read the description of the classes in the poster so you can see which one is more suitable for you. Take your shoes and BE READY for a good time.
Book you sessions fast because "Me lo quitan de las manos oiga !!!! " ;)

=====NEXT EVENTS 2018=====

  • 3-March-2018 = with Alba Flamenca
  • 9-March-2018 = RdC
  • 24-March-2018 = with Alba Flamenca
  • 13-April-2018 = Gurumbe Performance - Glasgow
  • 14-April-2018 = Gurumbe Performance - Edinburgh =INFO=
  • 21-April -2018 = Cordoba Perfomance
  • 11-May-2018 = Cheekyrrikis with Mayte Beltran - Edinburgh - Life Care Centre -BUY TICKETS-
  • 12-May-2018 = Cheekyrrikis with Mayte Beltran - Glasgow - La Bodega
  • 2-June-2018 = Birmingham with Daniel Martinez Company
  • 8-June-2018 = Guitar Students Night Daniel Martinez Company
  • 9-June-2018 = Leith Festival Flamenco Session
  • 9-June-2018 = Students Flamenco Night - DWA, Glasgow, La Bodega
  • 16-June-2018 =  Students Night Alba Flamenca
  • 17-June-2018 = Tatoo event
  • 23-June-2018 =  Student Night Alba Flamenca at the Churchill Theatre
  • 27-June-2018 = Ludlow Fringe Festival with Daniel Martinez Company
  • 28-June-2018 = Ludlow Fringe Festival with Daniel Martinez Company
  • 30-June-2018 = Cheekyrrikis (Apaloseco) - Glasgow - La Bodega
  • From the 2nd until the 24th Jul, all Mondays & Tuesdays, "Pataitas in July" (Flamenco course)
  • 28-July-2018 = Cardiff with  Daniel Martinez Company
  • 3rd UNTIL 26th AUGUST = Edinburgh Fringe Festival daily shows with Alba Flamenca - Daniel Martinez Company - India Flamenco - Rootless


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